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Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Job Type


Your scope of work

Impact Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting: 

  • Conduct researches on different impact measurement principles and frameworks;

  • Stay updated on latest impact measurement working principles, tools and trends; 

  • Identify opportunities and take action to enhance impacts within our organization; 

  • Collaborate with our portfolio companies to help analyze, measure and monitor their impacts; 

  • Provide the Investment Committee with impact analysis for potential startups during due diligence; 

  • Manage the development of annual impact reports. 

Impact Communications: 

  • Contribute to and write portfolio company spotlights, blogs and success stories; 

  • Support the development and maintenance of Our Impacts on the website; 

  • Represent Earth Venture Capital on relevant events and networks related to impact measurements. 

Signs this might be a fit for you 

  • 2+ years of experience in non-profit organizations, universities, CSR/ CSV departments in big corporations, family offices, endowment funds or development financial institutions;

  • Enjoys both data analysis and writing; 

  • Is an effective and respectful communicator in both English and Vietnamese; 

  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and believe in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation; 

  • Have a strong passion for human-centric, environmentally focused initiatives;

  • Project to others through actions and manner a favorable impression of personal credibility, professionalism, strong faith-based values and integrity;

  • Seek opportunities to work with others together on projects and use teams to address relevant issues. Solicit the opinions of others and modify the outcome based on information gathered from multiple sources;

  • Other personality traits: tremendous energy and drive for success, a self-starter and a geek for multitasking, dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

What’s in Earth Venture for you

  • A full competitive package of salaries based on the candidate’s abilities.

  • Comprehensive benefits package: Social insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment Insurance.

  • Holiday entitlement: Saturday, Sunday; National Holidays & Annual Leave in accordance with the Labor Code; 7 days of paid-leave a year for participating in well-being activities;

  • Monthly book purchase fund.

  • Get an attractive bonus based on performance evaluation.

  • Gain endless opportunities to work alongside outstanding CEOs and exceptional founders of cool ventures on a daily basis.

  • Become a pioneer to discover innovative business models that create positive impacts on our Earth.

  • Develop and engage in the venture capital industry with a great connection with the network of high profile investors and notable experts.

  • Have the freedom to suggest new projects or ideas that you think can benefit the firm or our portfolio.

  • Have the opportunity to build and join an impactful startup as a founder.


Earth Venture Capital (EVC) is a global venture capital firm that seeks to empower digital solutions tackling climate change, while having the potential to deliver significant financial return. Believing that the next generation of unicorns will be climate tech startups, we aim to leverage the power of entrepreneurship to achieve these three climate goals: (1) to abandon petrol and diesel, (2) to store carbon and reduce carbon emission and (3) to switch to renewable energy.

Impact Measurement is a core component of our work, which is all about assessing impacts across the organization, impacts of our portfolio companies and total impacts that we create on communities around the world and on the planet. Earth Venture Capital is looking for an Impact Analyst to support the delivery of all impact measurement activities including framework research and evaluation, guidelines for portfolio companies, and annual impact reports.

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