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[Earth VC Monthly Roundup] February: Sparking Green Momentum with Cutting-Edge Clean Tech Innovations!

Updated: Apr 24

Dear esteemed readers,

Embrace with us in the February edition of Earth Venture Capital's Monthly Roundup! After a joy-filled two-week period celebrating the Lunar New Year 2024, momentum has been coming back to the sustainable investment landscape.

In this edition, we will delve deep into the landscape with updates from our portfolio startups who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and prosperous future. Also, we will deliver valuable insights and knowledge from the latest movements in the Clean Tech landscape that will enhance your understanding of the emerging innovations from a cross-border perspective.


Making echo among rivals as AlterPacks secure grant from the DBS Foundation

One of our Singaporean new material startups - AlterPacks recently secured the Business for Impact Award with a grant from the DBS Foundation. With this prestigous recognition, they have now become a part of an incredible community of purpose-driven businesses, humbling and fuels their passion as a new materials company to revolutionize the replacement of single-use plastics with the AlterPacks material

"With these resources, we'll accelerate production of our plant-based material, crossing verticals in different industries while diverting agricultural waste." - according to AlterPacks

Supercharge the Circular Economy with smart water resource managing solution.

Treetoscope recently secured a $7 million seed funding round from the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. The Israeli startup, whose aim is to promote sustainability in agriculture, is set to expand its groundbreaking precision irrigation technology globally, offering crucial support to farmers in managing water resources more efficiently.

With a lot of traction gained lately in the field of AgTech, innovative breakthroughs that fuel sustainability in the way we cultivate crop and using our land are paving the way for mass adoption of the circular economy.


eVTOL emerge as a potential solution for curren urban mobility issue

As our global population continues to concentrate in large cities, the existing methods of accommodating and mobilizing citizens are undergoing significant strains and are approaching their functional limits.

Recent innovations in mobility have explored leveraging airspace to address this urban challenge, and one of the most promising developments is in Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles. eVTOL presents a compelling avenue in mobility solutions, offering the potential not only to address the pressing challenges of urbanization and population growth but also to align seamlessly with the sustainable development goals our world aspires to achieve.

With a 42% projected energy needs rise by 2030, and a significant increase in the number of extreme natural condition like record-broken temperature highs, floods and droughts, urgent actions are essential to ease the situation in Southeast Asia countries.

According to the 2023 Green Economy Report from Bain & Company, the region needs $1.5T capital to sustain its development toward achieving the 2030 Net Zero goal. With abundant natural resources including forestland, sea, and an emerging well-educated tech-savvy population, the decarbonization goal is within reach with a combination of correct capital allocation, cross-border collaboration, holistic roadmap, and breakthrough impactful technologies.

In recent years, Singapore has seen extraordinary progress on its journey to put its nation's name to the top when it comes to the Innovation hotbed in the Southeast Asia region. With the exponential growth of the young population, political stability, and strong economic drivers, the Lion City has become the top-of-mind example of a nation that thrives on technological breakthroughs where future unicorns are born.

Lately, the country also made a bold statement toward a sustainable development objective, as Singapore's port authority (SPA) has outlined plans for new harbor craft to be net-zero ready by 2030 as part of its broader decarbonization efforts. Starting in 2030, all new harbor craft operating in Singapore's port must be fully electric, capable of using B100 biofuel, or compatible with net-zero fuels such as hydrogen


The Liveability Challenge 2024 - Only one month left

After the extended submission window, the application for The Liveability Challenge 2024 is officially closed. The committee is now in the sourcing process.

This year's program witnessed a lot of increased interest, with more than 800 applications coming from over 90 countries around the world. Shortlisted finalists will pitch their solutions to our panel of esteemed investors at the TLC Grand Finale held on 17 April 2024 at Ecosperity Week at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Earth VC is glad to be this year The Liveability Challenge's Amplifier Partner. As a global venture capital firm dedicated to tackling climate change through innovative technology solutions, we are confident in our ability to be a part of this global platform that seeks to find breakthrough solutions to our urban challenges.

Biodiversity Accelerator 2024 - Searching for the Breakthrough Innovation

Are you a passionate nature tech founder who is…

✅ Working to address the biodiversity crisis through innovation and entrepreneurship

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If any of these apply to you, don’t miss your chance to join the Biodiversity Accelerator+, a full-funded targeted coaching programme worth over $200K of professional services - for zero equity.

The application window will be closing on the 31st of March. Apply now

➡️ Find out more at the program official website

The Biodiversity Accelerator+ is proudly presented by Silverstrand Capital in collaboration with trusted partners, including Earth Venture Capital. Together, let us make a substantial impact in addressing the crucial issue of biodiversity preservation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to drive positive change and create a meaningful impact in the world. We hope you've found informative insights and engaging updates from the newsletter.

We value your feedback and suggestions as we continuously strive to improve the quality of our newsletter. Your input is crucial in shaping the content that matters most to you.

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Warm regards,

Earth Venture Capital


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