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Earth VC partners with La French Tech Vietnam for a Discussion Panel on Vietnam's Startup Ecosystem

Updated: Jun 25

On Friday, March 3, 2023, Earth Venture Capital had the honor of partnering with La French Tech Vietnam for a Discussion Panel on the tech, startup, and investment landscapes in Vietnam. The seminar, hosted by La French Tech Vietnam and featuring special guest Mr. Pascal Cagni, the French Ambassador for International Investments, drew a distinguished crowd of industry founders, investors, and partners.

The purpose of the event was to bring together French Tech and key stakeholders in the local scene to discuss the potential of the Vietnam market for startups and investors. The meeting kicked off with introductions from La French Tech Vietnam, Mr. Pascal Cagni, and Earth Venture Capital. The keynote portion was a Q&A session about the vision and potential of the Vietnamese market, which left everyone feeling excited.

La French Tech Vietnam kicked off the event by sharing their history, origin, and recent successes, along with their upcoming missions and roadmap for conquering the world. As a network of tech entrepreneurs, La French Tech Vietnam aims to help startups and tech companies set up their businesses in Vietnam and France, accelerate their development, and provide education and other services.

Next, Mr. Pascal Cagni took the stage and shared about his role as the Ambassador for International Investments, and how the French government is committed to promoting investment and fostering partnerships in the tech industry. He also discussed the France Innovation support program and its potential for Vietnamese startups to approach its resources. Furthermore, Mr. Cagni emphasized the search for bright talents, particularly in Vietnam, and how investing in the Vietnamese market presents a compelling opportunity for growth and development.

Mr. Tien Nguyen, the Founding Partner at Earth Venture Capital, shared insight into the potential of the Vietnamese market and showcased the practical achievements that Earth VC has been achieving. With a focus on supporting the development of climate tech startups, Earth Venture Capital has been expanding its investment scale around the world.

The event concluded with a discussion on the potential of the markets between Mr. Pascal Cagni and global & local actors: Mrs. Hanh Mai (CEO of Fram^), Mr. Tien Nguyen (General Partner of Earth Venture Capital), Mr. Julien Curtet (Partner of Index Asia), and Mr. Olivier Raussin (Managing Partner of FEBE Ventures). Participants had the opportunity to meet, share, and exchange ideas with leading experts in the fields of investment, and technology, gaining insights and chances into the Vietnam market.

Overall, the Discussion Panel was a fantastic opportunity for founders and investors to learn about the Vietnam startup ecosystem from French Tech, special guest Mr. Pascal Cagni, and key stakeholders in the local scene. Participants had the chance to meet, share, and exchange ideas with leading experts in the fields of investment and technology, gaining insights and chances into the Vietnam market.

The event was held at Earth Hub, Earth Venture Capital's Innovation Space, located at 102 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Earth Hub is especially grateful for partnering with La French Tech Vietnam and pleased that their close and professional space, as well as enthusiastic support, generated a very good response from not only the guests but also their partner.

French and Vietnamese relations have been strengthened recently.

Vietnam is changing fast and becoming more and more international. Its trade exchanges increased from $126 Bn in 2009 to $730 Bn in 2022 and the country recorded its highest economic growth in 2022, nearly 8%. 35 French CAC 40 companies are active in Vietnam and bilateral trade reached a record in 2022 with an increase of 18.2%. France is now the 3rd largest European investor in Vietnam with about €856 M of direct foreign investment in 2021, according to the Banque de France.


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