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ITC was founded to solve traffic jams by developing cutting-edge computer vision and AI/ML algorithms that predict traffic patterns and prevent traffic congestion before accumulates. Through measurement, prediction, and mitigation, the software also enforces municipal traffic policies, such as public transport, bicycle, and pedestrian prioritization. ITC's algorithms are sensitive enough to correctly identify 99% of vehicles, buses, ambulances, bikers, and pedestrians and detect a range of parameters about these objects' behaviors.

ITC will bring solutions as a revolutionary traffic management system, these challenges can be addressed efficiently and intelligently. Their advanced computer vision algorithm accurately identifies and tracks various road users, including emergency vehicles and public transport, prioritizing their passage through traffic. Its predictive capabilities allow for real-time optimization of traffic lights to prevent gridlocks, reducing travel time for commuters and minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, ITC's collision detection system aids in accident prevention, ultimately reducing the number of fatalities on Southeast Asia's roads.

ITC's technology has been deployed in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Israel, and Europe, managing millions of cars weekly.

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