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Alterpacks is in TOP12 of the UOB Finlab GreenTech Accelerator Program

Greentech Accelerator, a program organized by UOB innovation arm FinLab, has unveiled the 12 startups participating in its maiden batch.

The startups are all in the pre-seed and seed stages and come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

Launched in May this year, Greentech Accelerator aims to inject S$150,000 (around US$105,000) into startups that create solutions to help the environment, such as energy efficiency products, zero-waste supply chains, as well as carbon management and reporting software.

So far, all of the participating startups have attended a three-month program, which consists of mentorships from industry experts and introductions to UOB staff and the bank’s partners.

Here’s a list of startups that have made it to the Greentech Accelerator program:

  • Alterpacks (Singapore) manufactures biodegradable and compostable containers from organic waste.

  • Red Dot Analytics (Singapore) can help companies digitize and optimize their data center solutions.

  • Resync (Singapore) provides energy efficiency solutions for buildings and offices that are easy to track and can reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Krosslinker (Singapore) develops an energy-efficient material called aerogel that can be used for thermal insulation and cold chain processes.

  • CO2 Connect (Singapore) can link up business owners, tech people, and finance experts to help them meet and drive sustainable change.

  • Pantas (Malaysia) helps companies calculate, manage, and disclose their carbon emissions.

  • (Singapore) helps enterprises manage their Renewable Energy Certificates.

  • Accacia (India) is a carbon reporting system that can be used in companies’ assets and portfolios.

  • HydroNeo (Thailand) provides a smart farm-management system that optimizes aquaculture production.

  • (Indonesia) can help companies calculate carbon emissions and conduct carbon exchange, among others.

  • Tava (Singapore) develops bioplastic products – such as cups, lids, and straws – from cornstarch.

  • Upcyde (Thailand) has built a solution to upcycle agricultural waste.

In a statement, FinLab said that some of the companies in this batch have already made significant collaborations.

Carbon emission management platform Pantas, for one, has partnered with environmental, social, and governance company Stacs, while energy efficiency startups Resync and have explored possible pilot projects with UOB.



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