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Earth VC explores the Vietnamese Startup Landscape with Australian's startup cohort

In a strategic collaboration, Earth VC have joined forces with Wiziin to provide in-depth insights into the thriving Vietnamese startup landscape as part of Haymarket HQ's mission to empower Australian startups and foster bilateral relations at the open meeting on Oct 2. This collaboration coincides with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam.

Collaborative Purpose:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Wiziin, a leading Vietnamese startup with innovative data-driven investment platform, and Earth VC, a prominent venture capital firm, have come together to offer a holistic view of the Vietnamese startup ecosystem.

  • Support for Expansion: By sharing our collective knowledge, we aim to equip Australian startups with the tools and understanding needed to navigate and succeed in the Vietnamese market.

  • Tech Central Delegation: A delegation of 15 representatives from Sydney’s Tech Central will explore Vietnam's vibrant startup ecosystem.

Some significant knowledge during the panel discussion:

Vietnamese Landscape Insights:

  • Market Expansion Opportunities: Wiziin and Earth VC emphasize the immense opportunities presented by Vietnam's booming middle class and its tech-savvy consumer base.

  • Local Customer Behavior: Insights into the nuances of Vietnamese consumer preferences, including their affinity for digital engagement, are highlighted.

Customer Behavior in Vietnam:

  • Emerging Monetization Trend: The collaborative insights delve into the rising trend of paid subscriptions in Vietnam across various sectors, indicating substantial monetization potential for startups.

  • Digital Engagement: Vietnamese consumers are increasingly embracing e-commerce, mobile apps, and digital payments.

  • Local Preferences: Understanding local preferences and cultural nuances is crucial for market success.

By combining the strengths of Earth VC and Wiziin, this collaboration enhances the depth of knowledge and resources available to Haymarket HQ's initiative. Together, they provide a comprehensive understanding of the Vietnamese landscape, empowering Australian startups to make informed decisions, seize market expansion opportunities, and build lasting connections in Vietnam. This joint effort not only contributes to the success of Australian startups but also strengthens the ties between two nations in the spirit of collaboration and growth.


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