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Lan Nguyen

Head of Finance

Lan Nguyen serves as the Head of Finance at Earth Venture Capital, where she brings over ten years of extensive experience across diverse sectors, including retail, construction, and manufacturing. With a Bachelor of Accounting from the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Lan is proficient in complex financial practices such as auditing, forecasting, and the development of internal controls.

Her expertise extends to adept use of leading ERP software systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics, allowing for refined analysis and reporting that support strategic financial decision-making. Lan's ability to prepare and interpret detailed financial statements and performance metrics has been pivotal in enhancing organizational efficacy and financial health.

In addition to her professional achievements, Lan is committed to maintaining her personal values and ethical standards in all aspects of her work. Her intermediate English proficiency and deep cultural roots in Vietnam provide her with a unique perspective that enriches her leadership at our firm. Lan's personal interests include reading, swimming, and engaging in meaningful conversations, activities that reflect her well-rounded character and dedication to continual personal and professional growth.

Lan Nguyen
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