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Triet Nguyen

Marketing Associate

Triet Nguyen is a seasoned Marketing Specialist with a robust background in media and communications, specializing in content production across emerging domains like Climate Tech, Web3, and Cybersecurity. At Earth Venture Capital, Triet brings his passion for public relations, branding, and strategic communications to the forefront, driving our narrative in innovative and impactful ways.

With proven expertise in B2B growth and partnerships, Triet excels in leveraging digital marketing tools from social media marketing to content creation and video production. His data-driven approach ensures that every campaign is not only creative but also quantifiably effective, aligning with our commitment to advance cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions.

Triet’s dynamic skill set and enthusiastic embrace of new challenges make him a pivotal member of our team, continually enhancing our brand's reach and resonance in the competitive tech landscape.

Triet Nguyen
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