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Earth VC join consortium in Strategic Investment in Group14, Lithium-Silicon Battery Technology

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

[WOODINVILLE, Washington] - Earth Venture Capital (Earth VC), a global investment firm focused on sustainable technologies, is thrilled to announce its participation in a significant financing round for Group14, a groundbreaking lithium-silicon battery company based in the United States. This investment, led by a consortium of prominent investors including Microsoft's Climate Innovation Fund, Lightrock Climate Impact Fund, Moore Strategic Ventures, Oman Investment Authority, and Molicel, underscores the immense potential of Group14's innovative battery technology in advancing clean energy solutions.

Group14 has emerged as a trailblazer in the development of lithium-silicon batteries, which have the power to revolutionize energy storage across various industries. By leveraging the unique properties of silicon, Group14's batteries offer unparalleled advantages in terms of energy density, charging speed, and overall performance compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. This breakthrough technology has the potential to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, enable efficient renewable energy integration, and transform grid storage.

Earth Venture Capital's involvement in this financing round demonstrates its commitment to driving sustainable innovation and supporting companies at the forefront of clean technology. With Earth VC's extensive experience and global network, this investment will enable Group14 to scale up production capacity, expedite research and development efforts, and bring their lithium-silicon battery solutions to market at an accelerated pace.

"Earth Venture Capital is excited to collaborate with such a distinguished consortium of investors in fueling Group14's vision for energy storage transformation," stated Linh Nguyen, Founding Partner at Earth VC. "By investing in Group14, we are not just backing a company, but joining a movement to reshape the future of energy storage. Group14's lithium-silicon battery technology is a game-changer with a simple but powerful vision where airplanes make less noise, cars emit less carbon and nature gets more authentic.”

In addition to the financing round, Group14 has also unveiled plans for an additional BAM (Battery Active Material) factory as part of a joint venture factory in South Korea with SK Inc., a leading global conglomerate. These forthcoming BAM factories are engineered for modular manufacturing, with each module capable of producing an impressive 2,000 tons of SCC55™ (silicon carbon composite) annually. This expansion will further enhance Group14's production capacity, ensuring a reliable supply chain to meet the increasing demand for their cutting-edge battery technology.

The consortium's investment and the joint venture with SK Inc. represent pivotal milestones for Group14, enabling the company to capitalize on the growing demand for energy storage solutions worldwide. By combining the financial backing and expertise of multiple industry leaders, Group14 is well-positioned to deliver on its mission of driving sustainable energy storage innovation and making a positive impact on the environment.

Earth Venture Capital


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