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Earth VC sparks lights on pressing climate investing challenges at Climate Transition Summit 2024

The Climate Transition Summit 2024 is a world-class gathering of leading experts and forward thinkers in the field of Climate Change including policymakers, scientists, family offices and institutional investors. Across 2 event days in Windsor UK, groundbreaking ideas and insights collided and coalesced to combat humanity's biggest contemporary challenge.

1. Investment Imperatives and Collective Action with Policy Boldness:

The summit began with a call to supercharge investment in green technologies to fill the gap toward the transition to net-zero. Although capital is crucial, it was highlighted that political determination and innovative financial frameworks are equally essential.

As climate change is a global challenge requiring coordinated action, international collaborative barriers needs to be removed to mobilize capital more effectively toward global climate solutions. The summit also stressed on the need for cooperation among governments, businesses, and civil society, and urged for significant policy changes that match the magnitude of the climate crisis.

2. The Investor's Dilemma:

Tien Nguyen, Founding Partner at Earth VC, discussing the Investor Dilemma at Climate Transition Summit 2024

In the field of impact investing, conflict between financial returns and great impact solutions have always been on debate. During the summit, the importance of education and precision in impact measurement was emphasized as pivotal tools address this dilemma.

With collaborative effort and sufficient awareness raised among the public and influential decision makers, navigating investment decisions towards effectively addressing climate change while balancing financial returns and planetary stewardship can be harmonized.

3. Technological Frontiers and Carbon Pricing as Catalysts:

The spotlight also shone on technological breakthroughs in the field of climate tech. Although packed with exponential impact-making potential, startups in the field are facing with high vulnerability, especially in its early stages. Thus, policy scaffolds were called to nurture nascent ventures and ensure market demand and capital availability.

Regarding an emerging sector of the climate policy, the discussion also delving into carbon pricing and its critical role in the economic recalibration towards sustainability. Being seen as essential yet unconventional tools, the nuances of crafting markets robust enough to drive substantial emissions reductions while generating revenue required policy makers to establish a transparent incentivize policy with vigorous regulatory frameworks and international cooperation .

4. Sector-Specific Strategies and the Food Security Challenge:

Among the diverse map of Climate Tech, tailored strategies for energy, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors took center stage at the summit, emphasizing the need for innovative and legally tenable solutions to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability. From regenerative farming practices to low-carbon industrial processes, tailored initiatives are crucial to adapt with the distinctive natures of each sector.

More importantly, the conversation at the summit also underscored the indispensable link between climate action and global stability, reinforcing the critical need for sustainable practices. The global food supply chain, in particular, could benefit significantly, by improving resilience against climate impacts. Reducing waste, improving resource usage efficiency, and adopting sustainable technologies can enhance productivity in a manner that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible.


The Climate Transition Summit 2024 served as a beacon of hope, igniting collaboration, innovation, and actionable solutions in the global fight against climate change. The event is also a testament that the road to global sustainability is a journey of collaboration, innovation, and most importantly, unyielding resolve.


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