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Earth Venture Capital fights climate change with its debut fund which includes a Venture Studio

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

HCMC, Thursday, March 17, 2022

Earth Venture Capital (EVC) is a global venture capital fund investing in digital solutions to tackle climate change. EVC has selected Vietnam as the deployment area of the Venture Studio model to speed up entrepreneurial success in the fight against the climate crisis.

Earth Venture Capital launches its debut fund

At the beginning of 2022, right in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, EVC announced that it had successfully closed its first fund and initiated an investment period. The fund is building a pipeline of early-stage startups which align with its investment strategy, on a global scale. The average ticket size ranges between $500,000 and $3 million.

With a team of experienced investors and tech entrepreneurs, EVC hunts for startups working on applicable technologies to provide scalable solutions to solve climate challenges, including abandoning fossil fuels, switching to renewable energy, and planting more trees.

To speed up startup success, EVC provides entrepreneurs with exclusive support that extends far beyond cash, including strategy formulation, product evaluation process design, access to insightful resources, and a diverse network of experts. EVC has established partnerships with more than 100 venture capital funds and corporations with a strong commitment to fight climate change, government agencies, and research organizations in Europe, the USA, Singapore, Australia, and China.

In addition, with the goal of accelerating innovation within the Venture Capital industry in developing regions, EVC launches Earth Venture Studio in Vietnam, following the rising Venture Studio model which draws attention from both investors and venture capital funds.

Earth Venture Studio

In many countries as well as in Vietnam, innovation and startups are considered important levers to economic development. However, early-stage startups are not only facing multiple challenges but also lack the necessary resources to survive. With few advantages over large enterprises, startups must move fast in order to win the fierce competition. The Venture Studio model is purposefully designed to speed everything up. According to the GSSN - Global Startup Studio Network, the average time to start a business from zero to the seed stage is about 36 months and the successful exit rate is about 21%, while with support from Venture Studios, a startup only needs 10.7 months to get to its first round of funding and the rate of successfully divesting can reach 34%.

Leveraging strengths from the founding team’s experience and a systematic operating mechanism established from the beginning, a Venture Studio has the ability to build multiple startups at the same time, effectively taking advantage of resources, and increasing startups' speed to their max level. Moderna, founded more than 10 years ago at a Venture Studio named Flagship Pioneering, has become a direct competitor in the Covid-19 vaccine race with Pfizer, a 170-year-old pharmaceutical corporation. The Venture Studio model has also contributed to the success of many well-known startups, including Giphy, Bitly, Medium, Hims, Aircall, and At the moment, every quarter, a startup built with the Venture Studio model reaches unicorn status (unicorns are startups valued at at least $1 billion).

Having a young and high-risk startup market but owning a huge pool of talented software engineers, Vietnam was chosen by EVC as the first deployment area of the Venture Studio model. Furthermore, Vietnam is also identified as one of the countries likely to be most affected by climate change.

“Currently, organizations around the world are having many approaches to combat climate change. Earth Venture Studio chooses Venture Capital Investment and Empowering Vietnamese Tech Startups as a solution to tackle the climate crisis. Because, the ultimate goal of Investment is to bring prosperity, but there is no prosperity on a dead planet.” said Tien Nguyen - EVC's Co-founder and General Partner.

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