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Hong Kong Green Summit

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We're delighted to invite you to the first-ever Hong Kong Green Summit which will be held on the 52nd Annual Earth Day!

The event unites speakers from every area of the climate world to discuss the ways different industries and groups are tackling climate change.

Meet Our Speakers:

Tien Nguyen, General Partner at Earth Venture Capital

Tien Nguyen has been working in the Venture Capital Industry for years as a General Partner in an Irish VC firm, a German family office and an ESG fund. He has been contributing to the knowledge of Venture Capital with scientific research and lectures at notable European universities.

Tien is a fellow of the Irish Government and actively contributing to the impact of Irish business, investment and culture in South East Asia. Tien worked as an organic farmer across Europe, China, and SouthEast Asia with his endless hobbies of history and culture.

Sam Cooke, Co-founder of CarbonX Global

Sam is the co-founder and CEO of CarbonX. He has spent much of his life working for and within the environmental and energy space holding a BA and MSc in the field. Pior to CarbonX Sam worked in the energy and environmental sciences for CUHK, the Asians Development Bank (ADB), NGO Oceans Asia, & China Resource Power. His research has been citied over 14,000 times and published in numerous publications.

Marianne Hughes, Founder & CEO of Kno Global

Marianne is the Founder and CEO of KNO Global, with a vision to humanise the supply chain and reach 10m factory workers globally.

KNO Global is used by brands such as Target, Decathlon and Marks and Spencer to track worker well-being across their supply chain. The approach starts by building community in the factory, before launching their app and analysing real-time data.

Marianne started out as a regular consumer when a factory famously collapsed in Bangladesh. She set out to discover who made her clothes, and ended up working on the line at a factory in China. Along the journey she has become a thought leader on ethical fashion.

Max Song, Founder of Carbonbase

Max Song is founder of Carbonbase (, a HK based climate tech startup leveraging data science and blockchain for enterprise solutions for measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions. Previously, he worked in investments for HK family offices, where he invested in TMT, AI, blockchain, and healthcare. He worked as a data scientist in Silicon Valley for Ayasdi, where he helped with data analysis applications for finance, biotech and healthcare. He received a Masters degree from Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, and Bachelor of Science from Brown University, where he majored in Applied Math. He is passionate about mobilizing the capabilities of technology and finance to realize the promises of UN Sustainable Development Goals. He is a recipient of the 2021 Generation T Tatler List, and a 2021 Forbes 30U30 recipient.

Matt Twomey, Co-Founder of Sustainable Bitcoin Standard

Matt Twomey is a Founding Partner of the world’s largest sustainability standard for Bitcoin: to drive institutional adoption into digital assets. Previously, he worked at Deutsche Bank in Sydney and HK, Goldman Sachs in London, in the Prime Brokerage Sales and Capital Introduction teams covering Global Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Institutional Allocators. After leaving Traditional Finance, he was Head of Prime Sales and Capital Introduction at OSL, Asia's first and only SFC licensed digital asset platform, seeing first hand the Institutional and Corporate adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets.

Join our open and lively debate to discuss the climate challenges and innovative solutions taken - and what more we can do to leave a positive impact and build a better future.

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