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Let's Talk About: The Global Oceans And Sustainable Development

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

On the occasion of the UN Ocean Conference happening from June 27 to July 1, Earth Venture Capital, together with CarbonX Global, would like to initiate an online webinar on "The Global Ocean and Sustainable Development''.

This event is designed to provide mutual space for insightful sharing from distinct speakers who have a variety of experiences in investment and sustainability. You will be getting a chance to clarify your query & discuss them directly with the panelists.

Our Speakers:

Sam Liao Cooke

CEO & Co-founder of CarbonX

Sam is the CEO and Co-founder of CarbonX Global an innovative climate startup based in Hong Kong changing how green companies are brought to commercialization. Sam's work has been cited over 14,000 times and previously he has worked for China Resource Power, CUHK, OceansAsia, and the ADB with his work being published by a number of different organizations and groups. He is passionate about the environment and when not working on CarbonX can often be found either on or under water.

Tien Nguyen

General Partner of Earth Venture Capital

Tien Nguyen has been working in the Venture Capital Industry for years as a General Partner in an Irish VC firm, a German family office and an ESG fund. He contributes to the knowledge of Venture Capital with scientific research and lectures at notable European universities.

Tien is a fellow of the Irish Government and actively contributing to the impact of Irish business, investment and culture in South East Asia with the "team Ireland" in the region. Tien worked as an organic farmer across Europe, China, and SouthEast Asia with his endless hobbies of history and culture. He is currently the General Partner of Earth Venture Capital - a global VC firm seeking to invest in digital solutions tackling climate change.

Vriko Yu

Co-founder and CEO of archiREEF

Vriko is the co-founder and CEO of archiREEF, a startup that focuses on restoring marine ecosystems like coral reefs with the power of architecture, science and 3D-printing. In the face of rapid climate change, the likes of coral reefs are being threatened at an unprecedented rate, and Vriko made it her mission to help restore life underwater. During her PhD, she co-invented the world’s first 3D-printed clay reef tiles, a product that has proven to be the gold standard of coral reef restoration.

Sidhant Gupta

Co-Founder of Clearbot

Sidhant is an inventor-entrepreneur based in HK. His company specializes in robotics, artificial intelligence solutions that bring massive impact to the environment and people. Sidhant is the founder of Clearbot - a marine waste & data collection robot boat. He has spoken at TEDx and holds a Guinness World Record for building the world's fastest robotic fish!

Duc Duong

BD Manager of Ingine

Minh Duc Duong is Business Development Manager at Ingine, a South Korean clean energy technology company specializing in wave power. As the project lead of the first wave energy project in Vietnam, Minh Duc is one of the pioneering figures of ocean energy in the country. She is also on a mission to develop wave energy projects in Asia-Pacific countries. In addition to project development, Minh Duc represented Ingine in global accelerator programs such as 2020 Vietnam Energy Accelerator Program and 2021 Impact Collective, helping the company place among top finalists and awardees.

(*) This is a free event but registrations are required.


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