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Gathering Dinner - Founder Batch 1.5

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Earth Venture Studio was recently honored to host the Gathering Dinner - Founder Batch 1.5, which included 11 teams not only in Vietnam but from many countries around the world, and partners. The event provides an opportunity for 11 outstanding teams that advanced through the first round of Founder Batch 1.5 to present their potential ideas.

This event included a high-level overview of Earth Venture Studio's Founder Batch 1.5 Program by General Partner Tien Nguyen, Linh Nguyen. We believe that the Q&A session with all teams helped founders and innovators better understand the studio program and the goals of this batch in preparation for the next round. At the same time, this is an opportunity for founders, and innovators to meet and share their startup experiences and ideas for starting a business that creates an impact on climate change.

Let's take a look at our eleven teams of Founder Bach 1.5 this year 2022.

1. Greenbros

Greenbros is a "green" stock trading platform based on the company's ESG reporting data. Greenbros provides standardized ESG metrics and data visualization for easy filtering and ranking and to track performance.

2. Farmality

Farmality aims to reduce post-harvest food wastage by deploying sustainable and renewable food dehydration techniques.

3. KameGomi

KameGomi provides an easy way to collect and supply recycled waste by creating a network of Recycled waste suppliers -Collector -Junk Shop.

4. Blocktree

Block Tree is a forest planting tracking platform using blockchain-based technology.

5. Swap Nation

Swap Nation believes that someone’s unwanted items can be someone else’s treasure, that is why the team creates a platform for people to exchange their old clothes.

6. Ella and Bear

Ella and Bear’s mission is to reduce plastic bags from imported pet food by the proudly eco-friendly “made in Vietnam” pet food via refill stations, Mekong agriculture leverage, and eco packaging.

7. Finme

Finme is a smart bottle that reminds users to take their daily water and stay hydrated.

8. Ecocentive

Ecocentive is a platform that measures consumers’ eco-actions and helps incentivize these activities. The team has experience across various platforms, from eCommerce in ShopBack to software technology with Meta and Unity.

9. Green Plant

Greenplant uses Blockchain Layer 1 to support to build of their platform and help users track their tree growth via an NFT.

10. Niklas Friese

Niklas Friese has run a climate accelerator program for Bangladeshi startups. Niklas also sets up an impact VC fund, called Capital & Network, in Bangladesh to support South Asian startups.

11. Esol Labs

Esol Labs allows consumers, organizations, and regulators alike to connect and exchange value in more dynamic, efficient, safe, and immediate ways.

We are excitedly looking forward to seeing the final teams that best fit Earth Venture Studio's mission and goals. Please join us in waiting for the first batch in the near future.

Finally, thank you, potential candidates, partners, and guests for your interest in Founder Batch 1.5. We appreciate your participation and bringing constructive questions to the event.


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